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LOR 1602W or NOT


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HI guys

Can anybody tell me, as I am a newbie to LOR products , and about to place my first order does the LOR 1602w only work with a computer or is there a show director in it so it can work independently on its own without computer .

Also I am trying to get my head around the different options , if I were to buy say the ctb-16d unit I know I would have to use a a show director card and buy the software which works out more expensive than the 1602w starter pack . Also I dont want to have to start to solder when I buy ???.

Any suggestions with or without computer?


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If you do not want to have to tie up your computer to control the lights, the MP3 director is the way to go.

You simply load the sequence onto the card and it plays until you tell it to stop.

I have the old firmware, so I keep the card on a timer and it turns on and off when I tell it to.

However, at 10:00, the song stops regardless of where it is. You do not have the ability to program a closing sequence.

The 1602W only works with the computer, unless you have it connected to a director card.

If you look on the LOR website, you will find the show director card by itself, or with a 1602W.


This will sound wishy-washy, but I like using the director card and using the computer too (but not at the same time).

It will boil down to your personal preferences. Hope this helps.

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