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Running it all in LOR


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Second Year rookie here.  Last year I ran 80 110v channels, over 50,000 LED's.  I sequenced an opening, 4 song show, a closing, and a static show with music in between. Aside from a GFCI issue due to a lot of rain and a 55 MPH storm that took out my 9' spiral tree on the second to the last night the show went great.  This year I am adding 48 channels of 12v RGB strips on two 4' stars 20' off the ground. I am also doing a 700 pixel matrix connected to an E682 controller, outlining the entire roofline in pixels and two pixels wreaths going to another E682.  I have seen a bunch of YouTube videos that have succeeded in confusing me more.  The videos show Xlights, Nutcracker, Falcon, etc. I want to visualize and run it all from my LOR software.  Can I visualize it all in one location in LOR?  Help.  Thanks!


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XLights is a sequencer.

The main part of XLights, is Nutcracker, which is the part for sequencing pixels.

I use Nutcracker and the PE and they are both great.


By Falcon you probably mean Falcon Christmas, which is a forum.


The people over there created the Falcon Pi Player, which is a piece of software that runs on the Pi for running a computerised Christmas light show. It is faster than old LOR, but LOR did intensity files and now they can both cope with high channel counts.

I am trying out FPP for Halloween, and will decide from that what I use for Christmas, but I am 90% sure I will be using LOR.

Falcon Pi Player can play sequences from many different pieces of software.


Falcon Christmas also created the F16V2 pixel controller, which is the most value for money pixel controller I have ever seen.

It can control 680 pixels on each of the 16 outputs, or if you get an extra board then 340 pixels on each of the 32 outputs.



All this stuff and more will work with LOR.

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