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Ok so hoping some one can help me out here. I tried to use Object creator to make a fixture that looks like the Really Big Lights. When i hit the trace, it traced everything out side the bulb, when i brought up the fixture file in Viz, it showed the whole outline, not the bulb. Hope some one can either help me out by telling me what i messed up or some one to just make it for me.





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Did you figure it out?  


There are several ways to do this but the easiest for me is to trace the image in paint with a big color pen....I like to use red....then import into the object program.  Select trace this color and then select your red line and it should trace easily.


Hopefully you know how to select the color to trace in the object creator program....that is the key....


and dont have it trace too much....especially if you are going to shrink the image later....waste of dots that count as lights.....


play with the sliders until it traces how you like.


good luck,


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