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LOR and Parade Floats?

Tom B.

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Hi All,

Trying to think about doing a Parade Float (night time) for a Christmas Parade next year. Does anyone have any experience doing this?

Videos would be great.

Hope everyone's new year is off to a great start...

All the best,


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I have done Light parades for 3 years now, but I don't use my expensive stuff for parades, I use all DoItYourself gear.(My LOR is already being used on the house when the parade runs)

While I don't have any video of the float IN the parade, here are some of the floats after we got back home, and parked it out back.


2006 >First Place!<


2005 was a boat parade, and unfortunately , no video.
2008 will be a boat parade again, and I WILL get a video!
Unfortunately, EVERY parade in my area is ON THE SAME NIGHT! so I have to pick and choose. :-(
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One of the guys in my neighborhood uses the LOR on the local Transit Bus when it's in the Santa Parade and in the Truck Parade. Not sure how he does it but, it's kinda cool.
Nothing elaborate just blinking lights and stuff.

I thought it would be fun to hook one up in my truck via a generator but, never got around to it.


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