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Hi Everybody,

I will be doing my very first animated Christmas show this November/December - I'm really excited.  For now, I'm only using LOR controllers and light strings - I can't afford the CCR stuff just yet :-)  I've already finished sequencing my 10 songs for this year's show.

However, in my city, a good friend of mine has a display as well.  As part of their display, they have a 12-ribbon CCR tree.  While they do the light programming themselves, they typically buy the CCR sequences.  This year, I am assisting them with their song programming, but they want to do a couple of songs for which their is currently no CCR sequence available.  I've told them I will give it a shot.  I was wondering if anybody could point me to tutorials and information on how to create animations for their CCR tree, including:

1.  The various tools in SuperStar and how they work
2.  How to take an image (say, something I edit in Photoshop) and convert that into something that I can animate in SuperStar.
3.  Any other advice on how to get started with this powerful and intimidating project.

I thank everyone in advance for their help!


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You can also go to SuperStar website and download the PowerPoint files and see if they can help you.

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1 hour ago, mpageler said:

What's songs are they interested in.  The 12 CCR sequences may be available somewhere.

Yes, I'm sure that is possible.  However, that would defeat the purpose (learning a new skill and enhancing the ones I already have), would it not?

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1 hour ago, scodavis said:

Yes, I'm sure that is possible.  However, that would defeat the purpose (learning a new skill and enhancing the ones I already have), would it not?

Well I will say this that if I can sequence a 12 & 16 ccr tree & Matrix so can you. I never watched any help videos except one (which didn't help) & I figured a lot of Superstar out.  I can still do animation & moving characters, eyes rolling, blinking & so on, mouth movement, arm movement plus other effects using morphs. However if you want to save time then watch all the help videos, or & the Superstar has sample sequences that really help a person out. I don't buy ccr tree sequences but if you bought a couple then that would help you out too.

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There is not a video tutorial on images or animation, but there is a powerpoint presentation, go to my website at www.superstarlights.com and click on "Powerpoint Downloads" in the lower left of the main page.

Also, I just recently added the ability to import image files. The feature is on my computer, but it is not released yet. If you want to get a copy of it do the following:

1) Shut down SuperStar

2) Look for SSEdit.exe. It will be in one of the following two places:

c:\Program Files\Light-O-Rama\SSEdit.exe
c:\Program Files (x86)\Light-O-Rama\SSEdit.exe

3) Rename it to something like SSEdit_original.exe

4) Use the link below to get the new SSEdit.exe and copy it to the same place where you renamed the original SSEdit.exe


5) Launch SuperStar. If you have done everything correctly, it will say v0.1602.29 in the title bar in the upper left of the program.

6) Bring up the image dialog box and you will see it is larger now. If you need help on how to use it let me know.

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I have used the new image set up a few times. I wish the image was behind the squares. I didn't do exactly the instructions like is laid out up above but I can run the update separately. The image is in front, but I wish it was behind the squares so I can touch it up as I go & not after, nevertheless it is  a good addition to Superstar.

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