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Hello All,

I am currently using the pixel editor but interested in getting superstar license. I use a Advatek controller with 150 pixel per strips. Am i correct in think i'd need 450 chancel license for each strip?



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Normally you would think of 1 strip as being 1 CCR, those would be 12 volt strips. In the case of 5 volt strips each strip would be the equivalent of 3 CCR's.

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The superstar license is rated as a number of CCRs, and it will export the number of channels that are in those CCRs. For example, the 24 CCR license will export 24 CCRs, and each CCR is 150 channels, so the 24 CCR license will export 24 x 150 = 3600 channels. The 3600 channels can be from regular lights, CCRs, other RGB lights, or any combination thereof.

In your case, if you have strings of 150 pixels each, then each string is 450 channels, and the 24 CCR license would export 8 of them.

Also, realize that the free demo is fully functional in every way except that it will not export a sequence to be played to your actual lights. But you can write sequences, save them, and play them to the computer screen. The idea is to allow you to fully test superstar to see how it will perform for you before you purchase a license.

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