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Lost Fixtures and Props from Sticky


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When we converted to this new msg board version, IPS failed to convert a directory that had the attachments of Fixtures and Props that can be found in the sticky.


I have been able to recover about 80% of the fixtures and props in there.  However we are missing some.  If you are this person, or if you ever downloaded this prop/fixture please check your computer and see if you still have a copy.  If so, PLEASE send it to me, post it here, whatever works for you.

Here is what we are missing:

Dennis Cherry:
Mega Tree 4x4x4x8 up and over.lpf

Monster Quartet.lpf

John Slade:
Mega Star.lpf

Weber Spiral - 32 Channel.lpf

star 3 channel.zip

angel trumpeter.lff


Many thanks to Ron Boyd for re-uploading his missing props/fixtures.  You rock!

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Thanks Ron!  I got your eMail, and when I get a chance I will update the sticky with them.  I (and I am sure everyone else) appreciate it!

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