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I don't really understand the mask thing in the SS Text tool but I've usually been able to get it to do what I want. Now I'm stumped and I'd appreciate any information on masks to enlighten me. I'm not even sure how to replicate the problem in a second SS sequence. The specific problem is this: I can't get the positive mask to locate where I want it on my matrix grid. I start with a neg mask over a solid scene background, changing the x,y so that the text appears where I want it. Next I want a positive When I try to adjust the x,y on the Pos mask, it just stays the same. I've checked the Manual clip option, which I don't really understand, and no difference. I had no problem with this effect last year with two side by side 20x10 pixel matrices. I don't think any adjustment of x,y was needed. Now I'm expanding to Four  20x10 matrices arranged 2x2 (Total 40x20)  The other weird thing is this: on the expanded matrix, the text of the second neg mask does not show up even though the configuration seems to be the same. I need enLIGHTment. Thanks. Richard

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I tried adding a negative mask effect, then I moved the coordinates. Then I tried changing the effect to a negative mask and the coordinates went back to the center and when I tried to change the coordinates it always went back to the center. This of course is a bug. I found the bug and have fixed it on my computer. It will be fixed in the next release.

I might comment that I never use the positive mask and if I had to do it over again I would not have it as an option. But I expect there are folks that are using it so it is best to keep it in.

As for the neg mask in your expanded matrix that is not showing up, it may be that it is falling outside of the clip rectangle. To change the clip rectangle clip on the effect and select "manual clip" and use shift + left mouse drag to specify a rectangle that contains all of the region you want to use for that effect.

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Thank you very, very much for your response. Can you direct me to any other sources of information on the text tool, other than the tutorials and Help menus? I always feel like I'm operating in the dark when I go there. Maybe that's totally appropriate.


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As you mention, there are two video tutorials on Text, to access the tutorials go to the lightorama main page, click on Support, then click on Tutorials. The SuperStar tutorials are near the bottom. Look for:

SuperText Basic Techniques

SuperText Advanced Techniques

To access the Help files on superstar text, launch superstar, click on the Help menu and select contents. Expand "SuperStar Sequencer" , expand "Custom Sequences", click on "Creating Text"

There is also a powerpoint presentation on Text. Go to www.superstarlights.com, and in the "Other" section click on "PowerPoint Downloads." On the page that appears, the bottom download is about text.

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