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I cant find a license. I purchased a starter package and i cant seem to find the license. What good is it to purchase a "starter package" if you cant start it? I am very frustrated. I thought this would be easy and i have wasted hours trying to find a basic license. Please help me.

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Your software license comes via e-mail only, it is NOT on the software/hardware CD anywhere, nor is it printed on any of the accompanying documentation that comes with it.

Check your JUNK/SPAM folder, it could have ended up there.  

Because if you bought a starter package{depending on which one, and selected a license level you wanted}, it should definitely have shown up in an e-mail.  

If it didn't, you can always have it resent to you, but it must go to the ORIGINAL E-MAIL address you signed/purchased your equipment with, if you don't have it or use that particular e-mail any longer, you'll need to send in a ticket to the help desk and give them an working e-mail address, that's so the folks at LOR can change it in their records and get your license to you.

You did select a license level when you placed your order didn't you?{Although the lighting starter pack should come with the Basic License, again via e-mail}.   But some other starter kits you have to select which license level you want and is the only reason I asked.

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