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Pixel extender issue


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So I know I used this feature before in an earlier version to do this but I am having an issue in 4.2.12. I have a sequence that was sequenced for 50 pixels. I want to shrink this to 34 pixels. I create a visualization for 34 pixels, open the 50 pixel sequence, and then import the 34 pixel visualization. When I enable the pixel extender option I can't set the length to anything greater than 34. This should be set to 50 which is the length as defined in the original sequence correct? And then I would set the stretched/shrunk length to 34. Am I doing something wrong here?

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You have two choices:

1) When you import the smaller visualization keep the sequencing grid "max length" at 50 and it should let you set the pixel extender length to 50

2) Just keep the 50 pixel visualization and use the pixel extender on it. It will end up just playing to the first 34 pixels of the visualization. But when you export it, it will use the addressing of that visualization, so this will only work if the addressing of the first 34 pixels of the 50 pixel visualization match the 34 pixel visualization. So I guess option 1 is the preferred thing to do.

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