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mini tree not showing up


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I have run into a problem I can't figure out in visualizer.  I have been making a copy of a mini tree that I made for the yard.  mini trees 1 through 4 work in visualizer  numbers 5 and 6 (set up exactly the same) will not work.  I have deleted them and redone them,  Copied tree 1, and tree 2.  renamed them to trees 5 and 6,  verified channels  and they still don't work in visualizer.  In the uploaded files, number 2 works, number 5 doesn't.  I am sure it's something I am doing wrong, have had the software two weeks now..


Thanks in advance!

Mini Tree 5.PNG

mini tree 2.PNG

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It will actually be 6 trees on the same channels, 50 count LEDs, and a limited amount of channels.  We want all the trees to act the same for now


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Still can't get trees 5 and 6 to function in visualizer.

Tried to rebuild them again, and they just won't show up when you run the simulator

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