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none of my sequences are set for CCR etc.

Old Sarge

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Again... as a reminder... my sequences are set only for REGULAR MINI LIGHTS....

I do not have the CCRs , Pixels etc....

Just regular sequences for Regular lights or LED lights.... I do share what I have... So Please....

Stop sending me e mails asking for my CCR sequences....

I Have Answered you in e mail like 5 times and you are still asking for CCR sequences...   Again....


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Me neither Sarge.   Just old style incandescent and L.E.D. strands, bulbs.    Maybe one day I'll have some of the LOR Pixel Bulbs, but for now, no fancy pixels, CCR's or anything fancy like that for me either.   So all my sequences I share are also specifically for old stranded L.E.D. lights, C7 incans or household incans in blow molds or other props.

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At least I am glad to see I am not the only one with this problem...

I guess some people just think everyone is using CCR, Pixels and the high dollar fancy stuff because we share things instead of trying to sale them on e bay etc..LOL..

It wouldn't be bad but I answer them and tell them what my seq are for and they still ask for CCR Sequences etc...

I hate to block people but it looks like it is going to get to that point..

I don't plan on upgrading to them as I have to watch the budget that my budget is on... especially just being on my retirements now and not having go go out to a real job everyday like some still do.

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Know exactly what you mean Sarge. 

Due to my medical, vision and hearing issues, I can no longer work and am on SSDI.    Believe me I'd rather be working as I get a lot less than minimum wage with SSDI, my meager monthly payments average out to less than $5.50/hour{and those making $7.50-$8.50/hour are complaining, would love to see them try and survive on what I get a month!}!     And the money I get on SSDI is what *I* paid into it, many folks think the government pays this from their taxes, but that's just not true.  I worked and paid into Social Security for years to get this measly monthly amount, but in reality, I  need a job to pay for other things, but because of my medical/vision and hearing issues, no one would hire me with the restrictions that would have to be imposed on them.

Won't go into all that, but it'd sure be nice if I was still able to work and do many of the things that a lot of folks here take for granted every day.


Now if I could just win a big Lottery Payout or Publisher's Clearing House, then I'd be good.;):P

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Right on Oriville, I know exactly how you feel.... I actually retired from the military just over 10 years ago but due to medical problems couldnt find work either...Some simply for age reasons ie, Young people in Auto Zone selling auto parts as a manager will not hire a Military Trained Master Mechanic because they are afraid they will be outdone and lose their job to them.  

Most was because of lifting capability restrictions, and prolonged standing/walking restrictions.

I did not take medical retirement for SSI as it would have been lower then it was for me to wait until now to do it. just got by on my military retirement..

Taking SSIDI   would have been a cut in pay based on my military retirement so found it better to wait until 62 for SSI. I to know the feeling of paying into a system that many take advantage of and I know I have paid for many years to get what I am getting... 


But that said... my Military Retirement along with my SSI which was CUT BECAUSE OF MY MILITARY RETIREMENT INCOME is enough for my budget to handle it.


To bad the Government talks a lot but we all know they dont really care about the military people and their benefits or they wouldnt penalise us for being in for over 30 years and then not pay us our deserved SSI with our Deserved Military retirement.. 

Its bad enough that we have to pay for our own health care insurance just like everyone else has to... Years ago we were promoused... free health care for life... that was all a joke and a lie as they change the rules as they want to.. TRICARE... WHAT A JOKE on the military that is..


I better stop.... thats not a subject for here... 



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12 hours ago, Old Sarge said:

At least I am glad to see I am not the only one...

Hey Sarge, Orville.

I'm in the same boat. Nothing fancy. Just RGB floods on DC controllers and LED light strands on AC controllers.

But I do plan to expand just a bit and do pixel arches but not even sure if that will happen this year. We will see... I work full time but still on a budget. My plan is to pay off the mortgage early so I can retire hopefully at age 56 (in 5 years) but won't see military retirement till age 60.

So the mortgage first, then what ever I can afford on lights and beer after that. :)

If folks can just at least appreciate the fact that what you share is already helping with laying out the timing of these songs. That's the worst part of it all IMHO.

And I do Thank You and everyone else for sharing those non CCR/Pixel sequences.


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Right on Santas helper.


And I still have people e mailing me and asking... can you send your CCR, SEQUECES, pixels, etc....


ALL  I have are just regular lights, minis and leds... no fancy high dollar stuff here..... lol

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I just got into the pixel thing , and bought a mega tree kit from Wowlights.  The programming, and network setup were totally confusing, but now that everything is playing well together, it is AWESOME!  I am in the process of adding the pixels to all of my existing sequences.  Also, we can share sequences no matter what they are programmed for.  Just keep a file of your channel configuration, and get ready to do a lot of cut/pasting.  I can't upload any files here (too big), but I'll email them to you.

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