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Trouble Logging In? **Read This**


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In January of 2016 the LOR forums were upgraded. A relic from many years ago finally came back to cause issues.

On a previous platform it was possible to register under the same email address more than once. During the migration to this platform it wasn't a problem. However, when we upgraded to the now current version of this platform, it became a very real problem.

Any account that had a duplicate email address was merged with another account that had the same email address. (Which is why the LORAdmin account joined in January 2016.) Thus it is very possible that your username has changed.

If you can not log in, please try and reset your password using the lost password link. If that doesn't work, please visit the help desk and submit a ticket. Please list any and all email addresses you might have used! Otherwise, we may not be able to find your account.

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