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In reading the LOR2 feature about Sequence-in-Sequence. I am unable to find much about this capability or how it actually works.It appears that this could be used for the manual toggle for a sequence while the show is playing a normal sequence.

An example of what I'm thinking. I want to have my regular show playing but when a manual toggle is switched I want the show to start another sequence to play, As to put the main show in a backroground, still playing but at a dimmer brightness. and have the sequence-in-sequence to be the highlight of the show. The Sequence-in-Sequence would be about 1-2 min long and than go back to the Main show. (think of it like a dream sequence only being played when a button is pressed, while the main activity is still playing in the background, another scene being played an is now the highlighted scene.

The channels used in both sequences would not be able to overlap, or would the sequence-in-sequence take control of the channels that are used in both sequences?

Does the regular playing sequence stop and the sequence-in-sequence play and than resume the regular sequence?

Or is this just a way to get an animation sequence to be played at a certain time during a musical sequence?

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Jeff Millard wrote:

My experience with the S in S feature from beta testing was this: I created a short 30 second animation using channels that were not in the parent sequence. Then, I assigned that sequence to a channel in the parent. Wherever I turned that channel on, the animation sequence ran starting from the beginning of it's timline. It repeated if I chose a time longer than 30 seconds, but ended the moment the channel in the parent was turned off.

As a side note, if you create it in the way I did it you will need to restart the parent if you make any changes to the child sequence. The parent loads the contents of the child into memory and does not recognize changes until it is restarted.

How or why this would be used is based on the creativity of the user. I have no current use for the function in my display design, but your suggestions for triggers might be useful once LOR SII is fully functional and can utilize inputs. I have some ideas for that... (I even bought a big industrial sized start button for it)


Can't you use it with channels that are also in the parent sequence? I haven't tried it either, but I was planning on using SinS to shortcut some items. For example, one sequence that just turns on all the red channels. Instead of copying and pasting 8 times to the 8 red channels, I can just do one SinS that will turn on all the red channels. The real biggie I'm looking at is for the DMX colorwashes. It will be really nice to create a separate file for each color or effect, and you don't have to remember how to use the 5 or 12 or however many dmx channels your device uses. Instead of having to remember how to program the color orange in dmx, you can just call the orange SinS. Same would work for short pan/tilt sequences and such. At least, that's my plan. Will it work assuming you don't send the channel two sets of commands at the same time by mistake (in both the parent sequence and SinS)?
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Thank for the info. That is what I thought would happen, but I was wishing anyway.

I guess I'm gonna have to use another controller just for the one part of one sequence.

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I bet it would work fine (as you described), and would work much better than a duplicate channel between a musical sequence and the background sequence.

In any case, I would go ahead and try it with some lights hooked up. If there is any conflict, it's not going to damage anything.

I had a channel that I was using in the background sequence. In one of my musical sequences, I wanted that channel to be off for part of the time. So I added it to that musical sequence.. It worked pretty much as expected:

My background sequence was 60 seconds long and turned the channel on for the whole time. My musical sequence turned the channel on and off, and flashed it to the beat. This worked fine with one small oddity: At the end of this musical sequence, it turned the channel off, as it does for all channels at the end of a musical sequence. Since the next musical sequence did not include this channel, the channel stayed off until the background sequence repeated back to the beginning, when the channel turned back on and stayed on until my musical sequence started again. This behavior was acceptable. I expect the sequence-in-sequence will work even better.

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