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How to use Auto Clip?


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Can someone explain how or why to use "Auto Clip" and "Manual Clip" on the Image Setup page.  I have searched in the help but can not find an explanation.

Also "Apply XY in Preview (For Animations)   

I am Not Sure how they function, or why a person would use them.  

Thanks Grinch

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"Auto Clip" will clip to the entire matrix. In the green sequencing grid you should see a yellow rectangle marking the clip rectangle. If you are in CCR mode then the rectangle will be around the entire gird. If you are in visualization mode and you have an RGB matrix and some other lights, then the rectangle will be around the RGB matrix.

But there are some displays that have more than one matrix and in that case you would want to select "Manual Clip" and then use Shift + the left mouse button to mark the matrix you want the image to be clipped to. Clipping makes it so that if you move the image across the matrix it won't "bleed over" onto the neighboring squares in the sequencing grid.

Apply X,Y in Preview makes it so that the preview will display the same thing as when you actually play it. But it only works for animations where the image doesn't move and is stationary.

If it is an image action that moves from one point to another then you cannot use "Apply X,Y in Preview"

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