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DMX Matrix Problems


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This is going to be a long one, so here goes. I created my matrix 32 pixel per string, snaked 3 string together for a total of 96 pixels per string. I have 10 strings with the controller at the bottom left. Pixel editor I created the same matrix. Did my sequencing in the PE and everything works fine. Saved the intensity file to my sequence editor and played it through the visualizer. I had one item that scroll Merry Christmas from left to right. In the visualizer, it scrolls from left to right, but looks like a have a few lines that scrolls from right to left. I think about 3 light towards the top of the matrix. Checked and re checked and can't get it figured out. Using the same matrix in Superstar it plays just fine and the matrix in the PE play just fine. So I can't get it figured out. Help please.



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