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For 2016, I will have a lot more pixels. I will have 2 P10 panels, a 1050 pixel matrix, two more arches, 4 mini-trees, pixel house outline, window frames, and more dumb RGB.


I am thinking about using a Raspberry Pi to run the show. It does have a few features, but the main reason I am considering it is because it runs a show more efficiently than a Windows PC.


I want to run the show at 20FPS, as I have a little video generated stuff and I want it to be smooth.


How many channels could I run from LOR, if every one was updating 20 times a second, and not get any lag.


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How many pixels do you have?

That was an important piece of information which I completely forgot to mention.

Over 2000, approaching 3000 probably.

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Oh, good.

I have downloading FPP and I will do a small display for Easter to give it a test and see how it compares to LOR.

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I would STRONGLY suggest using intensity files at least for the pixels.


For 2015, I ran about 1500 pixels (about 1200 on E1.31, and 300 CCPs on an enhanced LOR network).  Ran perfectly on my ancient old XP computer.  Next year will likely double that number.  All three songs that were added for 2015 used intensity files after finding the show computer could not keep up when I did my first tests on a not completed Wizards in Winter.

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