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Dumb node Purchase?

James Hill

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Hello everyone,


I am planning my project for this year - singing faces.

I am looking at buying dumb nodes and wondering where on alibaba do I find a particular seller. I've read many posts commenting on Ray Wu but on alibaba I don't see where I can enter his name to contact him. I am looking at about 1000 nodes or so.

Also the other thought is, other than energy consumption - whats the difference between 5V and 12V nodes? Brightness?

My dumb strips on the roof and windows are 12V and I am ok with the brightness....don't want 5V if it gets washed out by the strips.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Search on the web For Ray Wu not Alibaba. On Aussie Christmas website they say 5 volt pixels are brighter and use less power. I have a 30 string pixel tree 5 volt 2811 And 12 volt 2811 on arches I personally can't see the difference however thease are smart not dumb .

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12v ones drop the voltage to the voltage of the LED at the node. 

For dumb RGB, it is better to use 12v. Price difference is not too much and you don't get as much voltage drop with 12v.

Also every dumb RGB controller that I have seen supports 12v, only some support 5v. I think the CMB24D needs a separate PSU if the power is below 9 volts.

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