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CMB-24 with dumb ribbons


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Hi all, I was wondering if anyone out there had any type of problems with dumb ribbons? A few of mine are not working in certain places.... like the are spots that are burnt out. I never even cut them, also I have full ribbons that the red are a little bit pinkish. anyone experience this before?


Its all LOR products....

This is driving me nuts!!!

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Look closely at the full ribbons when they are full on red. Looking at one of the LEDs you should only see one light source. If you see two, then the green or blue LED is coming on too. This can make it appear pink. This happened to one of my ribbons this year. I cut it to length and didn't seal the end well enough. Water got in and I assume caused a small short between the two colors. Since yours are full and uncut, I'm not sure why they would have a short..if you do indeed see two light sources.

As far as certain spots not lighting, I did have one LED go out on me this year out of 8 almost full ribbons I had outlining my roofline.

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I had the pink issue as well. Turned out it was the soldering joint. After I touched it with the iron and sealed it back up, it was fine. I also had one pixel (3 led section) go out on me. I just cut it out and soldered another section back in. Works fine now. My dumb strips were not even a year old. As for warranty - even if there was....too much trouble sending it back to China - easier to repair it myself. Just my two cents.

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