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FS: Christmas Light Show megatree parts


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Hey All,


My attic clean-out continues and I came across my original 20' tall megatree parts that I no longer use.  I switched these up when I switched the tree to pixels a few years back and the thought was "keep these so I can setup a second megatree at some point".  There is no way that is going to happen, so I'd like to get these sold to someone that is interested in getting a megatree setup.  Please see the pictures.  I bought this system that allowed you to hook your strings onto the hook head and then crank them up to the top.  As I said above, my new system uses pixels mounted to a rigid pole, so I no longer need to "crank up" the lights to the top.






There isn't a link for the 5-way base adapter as he has changed the way he offers that part.  The one I have works just fine.


I have to see if I can find the pulley for the tree topper part.  I'm sure I have it in my bag of spare parts.  My winch doesn't show the steel cable because the one I had was in pretty bad shape so I removed it.  You can buy this stuff at Home Depot locally.


Each of these parts go for $30-35 new, I'd like to try and get $10-15 each.  I would prefer it if someone said "hey, I will take all of them from you", but either way, PM me if interested.


Thanks for looking,



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