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Max number of sequencing rows exceeded


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   I am under license SuperStar Pro 4.3.4  CCR  40.
2016 I would like 4 arches with pixel nodes .They will be driven 6 cards PixCon 16 configured as DMX. Each output will contain 20 pixels which make it a total of 1920 pixels which do cannaux 5760. Lor In Visualizer, I created 4  Matrix Wizard, each has 24 Wide and 20  High. When I import the file into SuperStar, I have the following error message: Max number of rows exceeded sequencing. Can you tell me how to fix this problem?

Best regards



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You mention 4 arches, and then later mention 4 matrices, with each matrix being 24 wide by 20 high. When you said "arches" at the beginning, did you mean to say matrix?


For 4 matrices that are each 24x20 by default superstar stacks the matrices and since you have 4 of them it takes 80 rows and the maximum number of rows superstar will do is 64. But superstar will do 360 columns. So to solve this problem you want to import the visualization as "horizontal" and lay the matrices end to end. To get them to be end to end you need to assign a row/column to each matrix. To assign  a row/column click on the "superstar" button in each prop that holds each matrix.


In the first prop assign row=1 column=1

In the second prop assign row=25, column=1

In the third prop assign row=49, column=1

In the fourth prop assign row=73, column=1

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Hi Brian,


Thank you for your answer.

This is of matrix 4 in vertical mode. Each of 24 strings and each string of 20 pixels. First pixel bottom left.

I have not understood or translated your answer. I am sending you the attached file visualization that i  did.

Thank you in advance if you could provide a change.


Best regards.




Essai cordons matrix 4_5_6_7 date_17-01-2016.lee

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