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Firmware upgrade required with update of LORII?


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Hello everyone,

I recently updated my "control" computer to LOR 2 instead of just 1, after I ran it on my personal everyday computer, i really got hooked on it quickly and can see that I am going to enjoy the new features! But with that being said.. what I am trying to do.. and problems that I encountered. After the upgrade to LOR2 I decided to tonight to try and run my show again after the upgrade.. (had a few visitors that wanted to see the show some more). So I tried to fire it all up.. and it was a no go.. it wouldn't run. So after having it fail to run, i opened the hardware utility and had it detect all of my controllers. After they all were detected i turned them all on to chase.. and out of the 3 taht I have I only got one of them to fire up and actually chase. The 3 controllers that I have are: 2 CTB-16PC(Kits). and 1 CTB-08 D. (40 channels total) My question with bringing this to everyone's attention is this.. do I need to do a firmware upgrade to the two PC kits to get them to accept the commands from LOR2 software? Or is there something else that I need to do? the 8 channel controller functioned.. neither pc kit did, however. Thanks for your help everyone!


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