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Shift Entire Timing Grid of a Track?


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One of the greatest things about LOR1 was it was easy to shift the entire timing grid left or right. When chosing "resize event to", all the timing lines would move. For example, if I added a 10.42 second voiceover to the beginning of my audio, I wouldn't have to redo the sequence at all. I could just pick "resize event to" on the first cell of the sequence and add 10.42 seconds to the current value. Then, all the events in the sequence would shift back to perfect sync. I'm sure there is a way to do this in LOR2...I can't imagine redoing each sequence from scratch everytime I make a change to the audio file. :shock:

I'm sure I'm overlooking it. How can this be accomplished?

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There is a way to do this, but it will be a few steps. There will be an easier way in an upcoming release.

Let's say you want to add 37 seconds to the start of the sequence.

1. Use "Change Total Time" from the Edit menu, and increase the length by 37 seconds. This will add 37 seconds to the end, without any timings or events in those 37 seconds. So next, we're going to bump all of the timings and events forward by 37 seconds:

2. Select all of your events, and cut them.

3. Select all of your timings, copy them, delete them, and then paste them starting at 37 seconds.

4. Paste all of your events starting at 37 seconds.

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Actually, now that I think about it a little more, it would probably be easier to do it in this order:

1. Cut events.

2. Copy and delete timings.

3. Increase total length.

4. Paste timings.

5. Paste events.

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