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Coming back to LOR after 6 years

motorcycle jack

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OK I had LOR running back in 2010 & 2011 with two 16  channel controllers I built.  I went on the road for 5 years and didn't run any shows those years.  Next year I want to run LOR at my new home in Florida.  So I need to know, will my old equipment run the new software (S3/S4) ?   I'll need a new license right?  What do I need to watch out for putting the old boards back into commission?  Thanks for any advice.



Motorcycle - Jack

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Your equipment will run with S3/S4.


If you have a license for S2, then you only need to "Renew" your license to run the later versions at your current license level (Standard, Advanced, etc.)


When it comes to the hardware, I'd plug them in and do some checking of the circuitry to make sure the magic smoke hasn't been let out, and that things are still good. Perhaps hook up the controllers to the USB adapter, establish connection, then put a meter to the board to make sure connections are getting power, etc.

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