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Gotta thank a few "New Forum" members here for their help...

Santas Helper

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One great thing about this forum is the members. New members and veterans alike.


As some may notice, I like to invite any LOR member to assist, or be a part of, or just visit. Particularly during setup or tear down of my display.

Not because I am looking for free help. But to meet, greet and visit with anyone that shows up.

I've had a couple show up in the past like Micheal (Papa6058) and Daniel (Mega Arch). Forgive me if I forgot others.

This year I had a few new LOR forum members from setup of the tower for Halloween, to the mega tree setup and then tear down.

So here is my thanks and a few pics to share with others.


First, the mega tree tower to go up prior to Halloween. 

This is where Morty gets his two weeks of daylight and a little fame. :)

A new LOR member Ralph (argulator) and veteran Daniel (Mega Arch) helped, along with my next door neighbor.


Daniel below decides to take a little time to dance with Morty. Guys will be guys. :)




Ralph and Daniel discuss some serious LOR stuff, looks to me anyways.




Ralph has lifting the tower himself under control. Well, with a little help from a winch. :)




Once Halloween was over it was time for the serious mega strand dance. I had another new LOR member Paul (Paul L Johnson) and his girlfriend Joetta help with the mega tree strands. I also had a neighbor Eddie help with hanging the lights up top then my veteran help/friend Travis up top to finish hanging the lights.

Paul dug in and chomping at the bit to get these lights hung. :) I couldn't keep him off the ladder. LOL 




Paul and Joetta helped maintain these 33' mega strands. Great team here. :)




Then the part of taking down the lights :( always sad to see them come down BUT I had another new LOR member and his assistance to help make the job easier. And that he did.

Josh (McAllister) did a great job in handing these 33' mega strands. We had a good visit on Christmas lights and display stuff.




In the pick below, I think Josh was saying to his wife... uh sweetheart, we need one of these. :)




Josh saying... I got this!!!




And holding the last mega strand, Josh now wants to convince his wife, we NEED to buy more lights. :)(just kidding)




At each stage of setup or tear down, I had some help/assistance from a few new members here and just wanted to share my story of their help and give them the thanks they deserve.

If I forgot someone, please let me know.


Thank you!!!


And of course, Daniel (Mega Arch), thank you once again.



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sorry I missed you this year, I think I will be taking my tree down with an axe




Hey Papa, that's okay. We all get busy in our daily lives. You were missed though.

If you need help with yours, please let us know.

Save the axe for firewood. :)

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Tom-sorry I missed the dismantling.  Looks like a good time.  I didn't need any help lowering my tree.  The rain and wind in the post Christmas storm took care of it.  Yanked a 16" auger on my upper guy wire out of the ground.  The lower guys held, but the upper section of my pole-1" rigid conduit-snapped off.  I'm not sure how folks use the JUMP pole without guys, but I hear some do.  Note to self---concrete in some anchors for guy wires before next season.........I've already ordered more lights for next year :)



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That's okay Ralph,

We have busy lives. :)


The augers for mobile homes are over 2 feet long. That's what I use for my mega tree. Those will take care of that problem.

We had a very wet season then the winds really made it a total mess, especially with the ice. It's not that common in our area but we have to prepare for what ever mother nature gives us.

Oklahoma is tough to plan for so plan for the worst.


Curious to see what you have planned for those extra lights. :).



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Hey Papa, that's okay. We all get busy in our daily lives. You were missed though.

If you need help with yours, please let us know.

Save the axe for firewood. :)

Yea I lost my help that helped put it up. My wife and I are taking sown all we can today, but tower is to much for the two of us



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