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Just wondering what I would need to get started.

I would like to have a system that does not need a computer..

Would the best controller be Lor1602wg3-MP3 and then buy the ready to go sequences?

How do you get the sequences on the sd card?

I saw the plug n show but it says you can add more from sequence store.. How would I do that?

I saw where you buy the "sd writer" but what is the process?

Can I buy the other CTB16PC controllers to hook up with the 1602 controller?

I have read over it but still have a few questions.

Looking forward to lighting up the block with LOR.

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Start by watching the video tutorials at the top of the page.  Yes, you can use either the 1602Wg3-MP3, or one of the directors.  You still need a computer to load the director, and if you want to create or modify purchased sequences.

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Yes you can hook up the controllers together with simple cat5 cable. I suggest that if you really want to get into this hobby then just dive right in. Purchase a residential series controller and the basic software package and go from there. Also I like the use of a computer over the directors. A cheap $100 laptop or desktop will be all that you need unless you plan on having a really complex show with thousands of channels. Good luck and go for it

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If you want to get extremely involved in your display, outside of creating the elements that light up or hanging it all, you could program your own lights, as well. I've noticed from experience that the pre-programmed songs are not always easy to match with my layout. However, having used the sequencer, I can change the pre-made songs in a heartbeat if I wanted to change an effect or do something different.


The downside of this is one major piece - it is time consuming! If you're working, pre-made songs are perfect for you, if you don't have the time to program your own songs.


The downside to programmed lights is this - the more songs you buy, the more you have to shape the sequence to your display. This will restrict your growth more often than not. When you make your own sequences, the opposite effect happens. You can grow your display as large as you find sane, and editing songs to fit a larger display will be much easier.


It is ultimately up to you, though.

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