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I just posted a new sequence or lorsequence.com. its a very strong and moving sequence. a solider silent night. I deleted everything but the narrator voice, but it'll get you started. its very easy to complete. once you see and hear it you'll understand why you have to fill in the rest. hope you rate and enjoy.

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michael.farney wrote:

iresq wrote:

Hi! We had a crash on LORsequences.com and this link is no longer valid. Evana, if you PM me we can get this straightened out. Thanks! Michael

Here's the file link:


Is there an audio link and description? It sounds like both of these existed in the original submission. I have an email out to evana so we can get the submission updated and give credit where do. The file currently has my name on it because it thinks I'm the submitter since I resubmitted the file to the repository. A name is required so I can't blank out the submitter information.
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Hello Evana,

I will surely use this in my display this year. I'm thinking of using it as the closing song, it will give the viewers something to think about on the way home. It's very touching.


Rick O.

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