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RGB Roof Layout


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Ok ,looking for some in put here on how i should run the Dumb RGB lights on my roof. Because i know it will be asked, I am running Dumb RGB instead of Smart Pixels because i wanna keep my dislay fairly simple. I do not have very much talent at sequencing so using Du,b RGB gives my the color change that i want. As of right now, i have the main roof outline and the vertical strings all on one out put, as well as the garage outline and the vertical strings on the garage on another out put. I am maybe looking at putting the roof out line on one output, then put the vertical strings on a different output. Looking for anyone who has done this, or seen it done to let me know how it looks in real time versus Visualizer.


I would post a picture however it will only let me upload a picture that is no bigger then 549 bytes. Little ridiculous.


Ok, here is the picture.



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Hard to improve on your diagram in my opinion. The only advice I can offer is don't have buyers remorse for not using smart pixels down the road.

Programs like Pixel Editor make it pretty easy to sequence these no matter how much talent you think you are lacking in sequencing.

Not trying to upsell you or anything but my roofline and Windows are CCBs and I plan to do my roof ridges in CCBs as well next year. They look amazing.

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