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14' Mega-tree (Let It Go)


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Here is a sequence we did to "Let It Go", the main theme song from Frozen.




This is an upgrade over what we did last year in that we switched to LED lights which are much brighter, and which caused us to add 4' to the pole since the light strings are longer (last years was 10').  We also added "dumb" LED strips along the house to add up-lighting to the face of the house.


The overall length of the main pole is 16', but 2' is buried in the ground. For the basis of the tree, we followed the 2x4 wood method as outlined by YouTube user amx4perry, posted Nov 30, 2009. The only difference is that we painted all our wood flat black.


This show has three controllers; one (1) 16 channel Light-O-Rama residential controller (CTB16PC) for the tree, one (1) 24 channel "dumb" pixel controller (CMB24D) for the LED strips, and one (1) Showtime Central add-on, which plays the sequences from an SD card via the mini-Director and broadcasts the music via the FM transmitter. This means I did not have to use a computer or run a Cat5 cable out to the tree to make it work, or setup speakers that would annoy the neighbors.


Lights for this year are all LED Christmas lights from Holiday Light Express. Channel colors are as follows:
Chan 1: White
Chan 2 - 5: Blue
Chan 6: White
Chan 7 - 10: Blue
Chan 11: White
Chan 12 - 15: Blue
Chan 16: White light ball on top of tree


The LED strips are "dumb" weather-proof RGB strips from Amazon. Each side of the house has two strips connected in series. To control them, I use the first 8 channels of the 24 channel controller (power, red, green and blue). For this song I only use the blue, but for Halloween I mixed the RGB to create other colors.


Video was shot using my Android Droid Turbo, and edited using iMovie to remove the background noise and to add the soundtrack.



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Man if I had that house, I would go nuts with RGB LED floods all over that house. :)

Each window on the roof and the white siding.

That's an awesome house for RGB LED floods.

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