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Mark J. M.

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I am not sure if this is a software or hardware issue. The problem: the same six channels are not lighting as instructed by the sequences during the show. I am running the show through the G3-MP3 on a SD card. I am using windows 10 and LOR 4.3.4 Beta Pro with 490 channels. What happens is the six channels are from the same controller and either do not light at all or light very dimly when they should be on full. What I have tried: I changed out the controller, the incoming and outgoing data cables, the extension cords going to the light strings involved, and tested the lights with direct power and they work properly.


What is also strange is that when I switched out the original controller, the lights worked properly for a short while. The same thing happened when I switched out the data cords.I do not know if this is related but during the show, occasionally a sequence will start and then cut out after 2-3 seconds and then another sequence will begin and run normally. This is a random effect as it does not happen all the time or to the same sequence.  All the sequences are musical sequences.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been using LOR for seven years and have never run into a problem like this. Thank you in advance.

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