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N00b trying to learn and add two arches

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First year guy here, actually didnt even order my first controller till Thanksgiving.

This year is pretty much a test run i guess. I've got basic sequences up and running and I've built two pixel arches using holiday coro strips.

I've got them hooked up and working from thet alpha pix test on the board and the test in xlights.

I'm completely lost of how to map them and get them sequenced and could use a little one on one help if anyone is so inclined. 

Each of the arches has 93 squares on them, I'm not sure if that means 31 pixels with 93 channels, or 93 pixels and 279 dmx channels? Both are on output one on the controller. I'm unclear on how to confiture each one so that the channels are right and how to get that into a visualization.

I have a LOR pro license and a 2 ccr superstar sequencer, was hoping that would output a few quick arch animations to go with my existing legacy lor ones with 32 chans.

I'm a technical / IT kinda guy but I think i'm overthinking this and have been burried in too much detail on pixels making it harder then it needs to be.

Anyone with some time to give me advice or even spend some time looking at my stuff, I would be eternally grateful. 

I have this whole week off to play and learn and plan for next year.

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