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I have a Cannon Rebel T3i. I have tried to take a HD video of the display to post on YouTube. The video comes out looking like is is recording right but when I look at the finished product on a laptop the video is out of focus bad. I need help please. Maybe links to youtube tutorial? I have watched several but no real help. Gotta Go. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas.

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When videoing, you must use a tripod.

Also a must is to turn autofocus off.

After you upload to YouTube, wait awhile - like an hour. Then the video is fully finished publishing and the HD version should be viewable.

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Also try shooting just before dark while there is still some light to see the house, there is about 30 minute window when the light is perfect.  Otherwise the video is just dark and you see flashing lights but can't really tell what is flashing

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