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A Christmas Eve morning story.


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At the Kolak Christmas Light Show every year we accept donations for a local worthy cause. This year we are collecting for a 6 month old girl with a rare form of leukemia. A couple days ago I was walking the roadside out front looking for whatever may have been lost by a show viewer when I found a water bottle, the refillable kind. It was charcoal in color and it was half full of water so I placed it on top of our lighted sign water and all in hopes it's owner would see it there if they came looking. At that point I was using the water as ballast so the wind would not blow it off. Last night the donations seemed to be low and I was trying to rationalize why. Rainy and a slight fog being the main reasons but there seemed to be an abundance of cars viewing the show so it had to be something else. Maybe they were at the end of their budgets and on the way home having used their cash for last minute shopping. All I knew was the donations box was not up to the previews nights standards. This morning I had a house full of 2 of my sons and 4 granddaughters and as they were leaving my son popped back in the house and said this water bottle was laying out near the road. I thought that was odd as it was pretty heavy being half full of water when I placed it atop our lighted sign. When he handed it to me it felt much lighter than when I last handled it and it looked strange inside. The bottle being tinted charcoal made the contents hard to see but I definitely saw a $20 bill folded and stuck to the inside. I took the cap off and looked in the bottle like you were using it as a telescope when what to my surprise it was stuffed full of money. When I retrieved the last dollar stuck to the inside, I had counted $198.00 in that water bottle.....and about 1/4 cup of water. Somebody emptied the water and put their money inside even though there is a stainless steel box with a lighted slot 1 foot away....lots of other people followed suit. When combined with what we collected from the donations box it was not so bad a night afterall. Let's hear some of your stories.... kevinkolak.com

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I have a 18x24" box with a coroplast red lit sign with donations on it in four inch letters.

Next to the donation box is a sign for the year's donations and a LED Light in front to light it up.


My neighbor walked by the next morning after a show and found 2.00 tucked under the light. 


How they missed a big red and white lit up donation box is completely beyond me.


Most people hand us money when handing out candy canes.

If we didn't go out and give candy canes, I am sure 80% of the people would not even make a donation.

Somehow they must feel obligated. We don't really care. But is is a nice feeling when you hand over a large donation to the charity.

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