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12 CCR Sequence and extra channels - Paw Patrol

Jay Czerwinski

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A few firsts for me here!

  1. My 3.5 year old son showed a new interest in my show and requested a song!  "Daddy!  Record Paw Patrol please!"
  2. Learned how to use SS and this is my first sequence using it for a 12 CCR.   A few hours a day for a few days.  The software is easier than I thought it would be!
  3. First time recording directly from my phone and posting a sample to You Tube
  4. First time sharing with you all using my Drop Box
  5. First time sharing a sequence - I only feel comfortable sharing something that is 100% my own work.


Let me know if there are any problems getting the info and the links.

Please share a video of your show if you use this at all.  I know it is silly and short, but the kids in the neighborhood seem to like it!


Happy Holidays!



Video Link:



Shared Files Link:  (Super Star SUP file, LOR LMS file, and Paw Patrol MP3 file)




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I had someone contact me and say there were challenges trying to access my Dropbox folder.    If you want the free 12 CCR sequence with several additional channels programmed and can't use the Dropbox link, send me your email and we'll work it out.

Cheers and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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