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Question about RGB C9 lights and Xmas displays

Christmas Lawyer

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Hi all...

I've been away from the world of xmas lights for a few years and I went to see a local display

last night.   All of their lights appeared to be RGB C-9 LED variety where they could control

the light color and make it anything they wanted to inside the sequence.....


Where does one buy such RGB lights?  I've seen some stand-alone kits at the big box stores

that might offer a set of 64 lights in one strand -- but I want something that I can control using

LOR equipment and software ?  Any thoughts?






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You can buy 50ct smart rgb pixel nodes strings and run them off of a number of pixel controllers on the market. You can also get them in c9 lens coverings. Several online U.S. vendors that cater more thowards rgob products than the mini light produces at your local retailers.

Several popular online rgb dealers are holidaycoro.com and diyledexpress.com and there are others.

RGB smart lighting is a step up knowldedge wise. Many have started with dumb rgb lighting and then progress to smart products as their comfort level grows. I'm in my second year of LOR lighting and will be adding some smart rgb next year. It didn't make much sense to me a year ago but now it does.

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I have smart RGB and this is my first year. I find it quite easy to understand. This forum is great.


Look at Ray Wu. He has loads. The best controller available is (In my opinion) LOR's Pixcon16. 


Smart pixels come in 12v and 5v. 5v is cheaper but you have to deal with voltage drop over longer cables.


You can get pixel node lights and buy a lens/cover that makes them look like a bulb.


Look at Ray Wu's store on AliExpress. He has bulbs, nodes, strips, domes, balls. every type of pixel! And if he doesn't have something, he will try his best to source them.



You will need to pick a pixel protocol. I choose WS2811 as it's pixels are cheapest. WS2811 is probably most popular.

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