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 its five thirty and no show .   panic sets in . clicking everywhere on computer , then i realized i rebooted my computer and forgot to enable schedule. silly me . its tough being computer stupid at times. 

 show running all is good in the world 

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The LOR control panel should remember that the schedule has been enabled after a reboot.


Unless, of course, you disabled the schedule or unloaded Light-O-Rama before you rebooted. Don't do that.

Edited by Steven
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+1 to what Steven said.   When we've had power interruptions and my system reboots, the schedule is automatically restarted, although if a reboot happens during a show, that means it starts over from the beginning, but that's better than not having the show restart at all!


Also you do have "Launch at Startup" enabled when you click the LOR light bulb Icon in the task tray don't you?   


If not, you need to have it do that.  That way if the system rebooted for whatever reason, and you have shows enabled, then everything will restart from the beginning, just NOT where it left off when the reboot occurred.

Edited by Orville
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