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LED light failure


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Brand new string of LED mini lights with one section of 10 or so lights that are out.  What's the best way to resolve the problem?   I'm new to the LED world....


Thanks ahead of time for the guidance.




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I had that problem with 2 strings last year, from a well know distributor. I email him a picture of both. He put two replacements in the post the same day to Canada. You can't beat that for service.

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I've had really bad luck with some of my LED's this year as well.   Unfortunately I bought them at the end of last season so I can't return/exchange.  The problems I've had tend to be LED's that burn out and take out the rest of the string (since they are wired in series).  As long as they aren't sealed, I've been able to troubleshoot/find/fix the bad bulb using a volt-ohm meter similar to fixing a mini-incan string.  If it's a sealed string, then you really need something like an LED Keeper to find/fix.  the latest issue of Planet Christmas magazine has an article on how to build and LED string tester as well.

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