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1st fixture always ignored


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I have been learning how to use SS in order to create complicated sequences.  Thanks to Brian, I feel like I am finally getting some good results. I have split up my entire display into groups or sections and created a Visualization file for each group of features.  Then I upload the different groups of features into the SuperStar Sequencer and create an entire sequence for each group of features.  Once completed, I export the Sequence for each group and then merge them all together into one big sequence in the Sequence Editor.


In doing this, I have noticed a pattern...SuperStar tends to ignore the very first feature in every group.  So, for instance, I uploaded a Visualization file that contained 16 chaser trees.  The very first beat that the chaser trees were 'turned on', the left-hand chaser tree was turned on.  After that, for the entire length of the sequence, only 15 chaser trees are ever referenced in SS.   


I tested this theory by uploading a visualization file that only contained 4 features.  Again, after creating a sequence in SuperStar, the farthest-left feature was only referenced on the very first beat of the song.  After that, it was never referenced again.  In order to solve this issue, I added a 'fake' feature on the far-left of the existing 4 features in the visualization file.  I uploaded and ran the SuperStar Sequencer again, creating a new sequence with the 5 features.  This time, the 4 main features were put into the automatic sequence and the new 'fake' feature was ignored.  I tested this again and again and the feature on the far-left of the visualization file is always ignored.  So in order to fix this, I have to create a 'dummy-feature', so the real featrures are used when creating the sequence.


I hope this makes sense, it is pretty late at night.  I have uploaded a visualization file that only contain 4 features of a yard outline.  If you download this file and upload it into SS, try to generate a sequence using any Audio file.  You should see that the extra feature on the left will not get placed into the sequence.



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It sounds like a bug. I tried to recreate the bug by making a quick visualization and then tested movement of "right same row" and "left same row." I tried several themes and I could not recreate the bug. 


Please email your visualization file to brian@superstarlights.com and tell me what movement you are using.

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