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Sequence editor trouble


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I have recently decided to put together a light show. Its something thats cought my interest and im extremely excited. I purchased the light o rama starter package 2 days ago. Hoping to have it in a few more days, fingers crossed. Im running the home depot box that flashes to the beat right now. Anyways to the point, i downloaded the software early this afternoon. ive been attempting to teach myself the way around the editor. My problem is, the sequence/channel bars jump all over in size as i try to make any adjustments or click on anything really. i took a screen shot hopefully i can attach it succesfully. Also a note, ive tried to uninstall and download/reinstall the program 3 times now. i have the basic plus license.



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If you don't want the bars different sizes, you need to set a specific timing grid in the SE.  I think a lot of use a "fixed timing grid" of .05, that is POINT ZERO FIVE.


You can set this as a default in the SE so that it's always the same every time you load it, or it can be changed by clicking on the "Timings" button and either changing the gird information, or Add a new fixed timing grid, this is the ONLY way you can keep the bars from changing sizes on you in the SE that I'm aware of.   Again, it has to be a FIXED timing, any "FREEFORM" timings will always create different sized bars in the SE.


Hope this helps.

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Edit -> Timings -> Lock Timings

Wow, learned something new today I didn't know!    Never realized that was there.   Been so used to do doing it like i posted.


Thanks Steven for the info.   Just locked my timings down with that option.

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Another idea, from this newbie, is to build all of your sequences using SuperStar (SS), then export your SS file to Sequence Editor.  I've "drawn" strings, floods, and CCR fixtures in  Visulalizer, with a .jpg file of my house.  I then I open SuperStar and import file from Visualizer.  Everything worked as advertised (more on adding new fixtures in Visualizer later).  I  open an audio file in SS, which I suggest being a very short song (e.g., one minute) in order to get your feet wet on actually completing a sequence, and then create my sequence in SuperStar. I then export my sequence to Sequence Editor, launch Sequence Editor, and open the file I just exported from SS. Click on play, and it works great.  As an added bonus, click on the play button in Visualizer, and see your SE sequence right in Visualizer.


What this has allowed me to do is to get up-to-speed on how Visualizer, SuperStar, and Sequence Editor work together, and how scenes and morphs working SuperStar. I'm only using 48 channels, so that simplifies my learning curve for the LOR software, 16 channel controllers, and the CCR controllers.   I'm keeping it simple, as there's also the need to actually build your fixtures and place them in your yard and on your house.


PLUS, read as many of the awesome posts in the LOR forums as you can.  Excellent, excellent, excellent.  



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