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Problem Setting Sandevices E6804 IP Address


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Failing at setting an ip address on a new Sansdevices E6804.

I directly connected the computer E6804  re-set a tempoary ip of I can access temp op's webpage and  have tried a handful of new ip's.  but when I reconnect cat5  between computer/routern/controller, I can no longer access  webpage.  Tried id's such as,  

My computer is connected to comcast infinity router with an ip The  E6804 manual does say that for controllers connected directly to a computer or a wireless rounter, use 169.254.x.x.    I can re-set temp ip to and then access the webpage. But when I reconnect the rounter, can't.

Any thoughts on steps I might be missing or some better ip addresses to try.

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I would say your router is causing the issue.  It's not recommended to go through a router as you need to be a network stud to make it communicate with your E6804 from what I've read in other posts.  It's best to hook up directly to the computer's network port and keep your LOR or E1.31 network(s) separate from your home network.

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Very much a noob when it comes to networks.  Can you have separate home and lor/e1.31 networkds on same computer?  Assuming with 1 ethenet  port, it's one or the other? So probalby much more involved?

Ultimately, E6804 will go onto my very old show computer which isn't networked.

My understanding is that once the sandevice is setup and configured in LOR, It can be disconnect and sequence editor will still recognize it. Then light testing could be done on the standalone show computer that now would have the e6804 attached? If that's true, that would make life simple and can quit thinking about ips, routers and networks...ya.

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You can have more than one network however each required a separate network port (unless it's a network adapter that can use 802.11Q - most can't, and if you have switches that also understand 802.11Q - and most consumer switches don't).


It is far easier for me to talk to you on the phone and walk you through it rather than back and forth E-Mails.  Check your PM...

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