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How to turn show to static display when done?


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I have a fairly simple show with 48 channels and 7 songs.  I want the show to run on the hour for its duration the fade into a static display for the balance of that hour.  Then as we approach the top of the hour it will shimmer to fade black then the show starts again and repeats until the show shutdown time at 10 pm.


My license is only Basic Plus so I don't have access to a startup or shutdown function.  Do I just create another sequence (but I don't want music with it) and put it at the end of the songs?

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You'd have to create animation sequences, two for each effect you want to happen, you would also need to know when your last song finishes to place these sequence before and after the musical sequences.


So say your show starts at 6:00pm, first would be the animation sequence from 6:00pm until it's end, then the musical sequences would start, once the last musical sequence plays, your 2an animation sequence would need to start, so if that 2nd animation sequence is say 5 minutes in length, you'd have to have it start at 6:55pm, then the next animation before the musical show starts would need to start at 7:00pm.


You may need to number your sequences with a prefix such as 000 for the 1st animation, your musical sequences, 001,002, 003,,,,,010, etc. then whatever your last sequence prefix number is, the next animation sequence for playing after the musical sequences would be 011, or ANY higher number, I have used 100_All Lights ON for my last animation sequence, this way if I happen to add more sequences to my musical part, I can just insert it in as the next number, since I doubt I'll ever have 100 musical sequences in a show!   So plenty of working room.


It'll take time to get it all into the schedule editor because you're going to have to set the time, and unfortunately the times may not always end exactly when you think, so this could actually be skewed by a few seconds to quite a few minutes past the mark.


My shows end at 9:30 every night, and every night the show has NEVER ended at that exact time, it's always been a like 9:30:32PM, 9:32:15PM, 9:31:13PM, etc.   It has never, not once ever ended exactly at 9:30:00PM.

So you may have to try and take that into account.   It's why many of us just loop the musical sequences over and over until show time comes to an end.  Just a lot easier and less complex, at leasr for me!


But just giving you info on how to do it and what issues you may encounter by doing it.

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How about create the following shows:




Schedule the music show to run every hour on the hour.  Set it's end time shorter than the show's length, the schedule will NOT interrupt a musical sequence.  

Schedule the static show to run start at the early end of the musical sequence and to end on the hour.  


If I recall correctly the schedule will interrupt an animation sequence (you static sequence).


Then again do what almost Orville does:

4:30-5:00 slow fade animation

5:00-9:00 (10:00 fri/sat) music show on repeat

9:00 (10:00 fri/sat) - midnight slow fade.


My show starts on time at 5:00, the slow fade happens after the first music sequence that ends after 9:00/(10:00 fri/sat)

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Thanks.  Got it figured out.  I created a simple animation that ramps up all the channels to full ON and made its duration for the exact time needed to fill the balance of the hour after my seven songs had played.  I simply put the animation to play after the 7th song.  This only works if you play the songs sequentially and not random.

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Don, it's the only way I could get it to work when I was using a Director unit.   And sometimes even when using a computer.   My show this year, none of the animation sequences, background sequences or musical sequences are prefaced with a number, but I have them {not the background} set up in the schedule editor to run at the closest times when the musical sequences end, which may be off by 2-3 minutes from time to time,at the end of the show and that doesn't bother me.


But that's how I did it when I used an MP3 Director to get things to play in the order I wanted without having to move things around every time I made a change in the show and had to move several new sequences around where I wanted them.   Just made things easier to accomplish.


This is probably the first year that I haven't used the numbered prefix method,  old habits one has used for 3 years are hard to break at times.   Especially if they worked for you in the past, and sometimes it just sounds and looks like it's the easiest way to get something accomplished.

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