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Sequences not showing up in Schedule Editor


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After editing a new  animation sequence and saving it (it goes into the default directory for sequences) I go to Show Editor or Sequence Editor to access the file but it does not show up. If I go directly to the Sequence folder the animation files are there. The only way I can use the new animation is thru Easy Show Builder. I have reinstalled XP and reinstalled Light-O-Rama so every thing is fresh. This is driving me nuts..... Google searches and searching the fourm has not revealed an answer yet. PLEASE HELP, I must  be doing something wrong...


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Sequences do not show up in the schedule editor.You must create a show with the show editor. 

Open the show editor, click on the animation OR musical tab whichever type you have or want.

Remember LMS are musicals, and LAS are animations.

Click the big + sign. It will open to the default LOR sequences folder, or you can navigate to wherever you keep your sequences..

Add as many sequences as you wish, then save the show, say Xmas2015.

Open the schedule editor and right click and add, set your time and day, add your show name and click save.


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