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Some sequence channels will not turn on lights


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My LOR software level is version 4.1.2 Pro, with five 16 channel controllers and 12 CCR’s working on a standard network and I am having problems with two of my sequences where the lights that are supposed to be on 100% for an entire sequence do not turn on and other sequences the same channels work perfectly. 


These are steps that I have taken trying to remedy the situation:

I have verified that all of the lights are plugged into the proper Unit ID and channels.


I have verified that the lights are programmed to the correct channels.


I have run the verifier and it finds no errors. 


I have exported the channel configuration from a sequence that runs perfectly and imported the channel configuration to the defective sequences and the sequences that I imported the channel configuration to will still not run as the software indicates it should.


I have totally removed the unit and channels by setting each of the channel assignments on the lights that do not turn on to “no device type selected”, saved the sequence then reassigned each of the channels back to their proper assignments.


Everything I have tried does not remedy the situation.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this problem of the lights not lighting on those channels for some of the sequences but other sequences work as programmed?

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