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Mr. Detail

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m looking for one or more sequences for 32 chan. that are slow. i have a small show but im looking to add a slow sequence 

any help would be great



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not sure how to explain what im looking for other than i want something with christmas music and slow sequence



thanks dan 

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To be quite honest, I had some "slow" songs in my show, but they definitely are not very popular, most will drive off before the song makes it past a minute or so in.    Most of us have found that the viewers of the majority of the displays they visit prefer the faster tempos and upbeat music that makes them feel like singing or dancing with the lights.


I've had more pedestrians walk off and drivers drive off after a slow song started and never picked up the beat.  


It's your display and you can add any music you want, I'm not telling you how to do it, or what music to use, just that most of us that have used slow songs ended up taking them out of the show because of the aforementioned.


So just suggesting you think about those slow songs and your viewing audience when using/adding one or more in your display.


Take it from those of us that have already been there, done it, and seen the results of these slower moving songs, they appear to be the most unpopular in a display.

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