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Newbie Timing - Any Tips or Tricks?


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Hello, everybody -


I'm going to be purchasing lights and controllers this spring and doing my very first LOR animated display for Christmas 2016.


My first sequence (to 32 channels) was Wizards in Winter, which I did using a Fixed Grid (0.04 width).  From time to time I had to add an extra block to re-sync, but overall I didn't have much difficulty.  I did this with the demo version so I didn't have access to the Beat Wizard.


Recently, I've been simultaneously working on two songs (Let it Go and TSO's Carol of the Bells) but it has been an exercise in frustration.  I tried using the Beat Wizard but I've found that the music goes out of sync after a few seconds.  I've tried the 0.04 grid again but it isn't accurate enough.  I suppose I could do the 0.01 grid, but that would make for a ridiculous amount of squares unless I zoomed way in.


I figure there must be something I'm missing.  This software is really, really nice - there must be a better way to accomplish this.  By the way, I'm using the most recent version of the LOR software (Pro version), and the two audio files were downloaded from iTunes so they're in the Apple .m4a audio format.


Thank you very much!

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Mp3 constant bit rate 128 kbps, or .wav is what your audio needs to be in.

Re download,re rip or convert using an audio editor llke Audacity.

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Agree with above. Make sure your songs are constant bit rate so that doesn't happen. I use 0.05 timing on all my songs. No need to get more accurate as the human eye won't pick it up.

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