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I'm getting this error when I try to open and play. When I loaded the song and sequence it played, just doesn't play after I saved the file and I get this error.


Cannot Start Sequence

F:/01 Deck The Halls (in the style of _2.mp3


Any help





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Sounds like you moved the MP3 from where the sequence originally loaded it.  


You'll get this error if you move the media {MP3} file from where the sequence originally found it.  


So you either need to put the MP3 back in the directory it was originally in where the sequence can find it, or reload the sequence in the SE, click on edit, then click media file and go to the directory where you moved the MP3 file, then click on the media file{MP3} to reload it into the sequence and re-save the sequence.  


Then that error should go away.

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Thanks, I was able to do that last night. Trying o figure out how to get the MP3 director to play it. Went through the SE and just going to use the beat sequencing. I feel I'm close just need to get one more step.

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Don't know about the new G3 MP3 Director, but when I was using one {earlier version}, if the MP3 wasn't in CBR format and 128k {although I used 192k with success}, the director will ignore it.  If the MP3 is VBR, the directors don't seem to like that format and mine wouldn't play it until I converted it to CBR.   So might want to check and make sure the MP3 is in the correct format for the Director you're using.

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