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Overwhelmed...getting Sup into LOR with pixel tree


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So, I started way too late this year to add in HolidayCoro's pixel tree as a newbie with RGB. I've got it up and running and just today decided to try out Superstar, as xLights seemed very limiting to me. 

So I spent all day today programming a song, and thought I had exported it properly. But when I open it in LOR, it's 16 lines, one representing each string of my pixel tree (50 pixels each). However, when I imported from xLights, I had 800 lines to import. My LOR configuration is 5 universes. 

I can't for the life of me figure out how to import all this work I did today,into LOR.  I've searched for the answers and watched videos, but it all seems to deal with CCR's and i don't think that's what I have. 


Eric Andrist

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It sounds like you did the sequence in superstar in "CCR Mode." That's Ok, you can keep the sequence. Make sure you have the most current software. Click on Support and then Download to get the most recent software and then do the following:


1) launch superstar

2) open your sequence

3) click on the Tools menu and select "Configuration"

4) In the configuration dialog box select "DMX"

5) select the addressing type that matches your lights. For most people "semi-packed" is what they want

6) click on Ok

7) click on the File menu and select "Export to Sequence Editor"

8) the exported file should have DMX addressing that matches your lights


Concerning xLights, I don't know, I have never worked with xLights, but I know many people use it with superstar and as far as I know it works. 

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Yes, to get the latest superstar version you need to get the latest download of everything. Sounds like you already did that.

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That worked! Thanks so much! I was so nervous I had spent hours designing a song and it would all be lost. I really love how simple SuperStar is!

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