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Timer and showing question


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Is there any way I can set the timer and have it come on and go off with out playing the show. I only want to play show for family and friends when they come over and I want to set it to come on and off by itself

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Are you running the show via a computer, or through a director?


The short answer is that you would want to create a 'show' with all lights on, no music, and set that to run during your desired times. A second 'show' can be created with your musical sequences and run when family/friends are over.


Exactly how you do that would be dependent on how you are running the show, though.

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Make two shows. 

Show-Static - This would contain an animation sequence with all of the lights on.

Show-Music - This would contain your musical sequences.


Schedule Show-Static to run during the times you want your lights on.

Then use 'Show on Demand' to run the musical sequences.


The various aspects of creating the show can be found here.


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