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Melted plug and fuse blown


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Tonight right after I left the house. One of my circuits melted! Luckily a neighbor saw. And called the fd.

It blew the fuse on that side of my controller.

I don't know how the plug was sitting. As the fire fighters clipped them.

This channel only has like 8 strings of led minis on it. A window frame and 2 small light curtains. Any ideas on the failure...? The plugs weren't all chained together. It was just these two.


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It looks like something shorted out the line from the start of the LED string to the end of the string. Power is passed to the end for any next possible strings. I would guess that maybe a staple or something else, shorted the hot side to a ground somewhere along that path. LEDs don't draw enough power to cause that much heat, even if the fuse(s) were becoming corroded as could happen in a high power setup. Yes, its still possible but I think unlikely. Its also possible that you simply had a defective plug that failed internally. Look for shorts to ground along the string's path. Water can do this if its contaminated with mud and so on. I always try to keep connections off the ground.

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