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USB To RS485 Adapter


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Guest wbottomley

sawyer1206 wrote:

I ordered 2 controllers last week and forgot to order the USB To RS485 Adapter. Are the LOR adapters the same as the ones I can get from my local Electronic Parts Outlet?

Nope. The one from LOR will handle the continous data as others may not.
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Hi agree with Mountainwxman,

Extract taken from LORWiki:

I lost my RS485 converter that I got from LOR. Can I just go buy one of those $3.00 kits from the electronics store?
Nope. The SC485 is NOT a DB9-RJ54 serial adaptor! It has a circuit board in it that converts the PC's RS232 electrical interface into a RS485 electrical interface. This is why they cost more than the $3.00.


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